Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleep Eating Disorder

I have never heard of sleep eating disorder before, until last night. There was a special report on ABC News last night, but I fell asleep before the news even started. Apparently, this disorder is experience most frequently by women and children. The eating part itself is described as eating at a "primitive level". I can only assume that it resembles something like "that college stoner who has an unyielding urge to devour everything in the fridge - DS from The Boss' hometown." They showed come clips to of people binge eating while asleep to hype up the story...and they could seriously qualify for a competitive eating tournament. Those who suffer from the disorder wake up completely unaware why there's strawberry chocolate ice cream smeared all over themselves, or why they are mysteriously gaining weight. They may just remembered that eating may be a part of dreaming. I've had dreams involving eating, but all I have is a bottle of Kimchi and frozen edamame in my fridge. So far I've not woken up with stab wounds on my hand from trying to cut open the bag of edamame, and Kimchi bottle is still intact. Note to evil henchmen (of the House Harkonen) - if you have sleep eating disorder, remove poison tooth before going to bed.

Anyway, I don't know what kind of help is available for those with the disorder...maybe a fridge/cupboard lock? Surely one can't remember the combination to a lock or where the key/axe is located while asleep. Then again, I think an octopus can't possible learn to unscrew a jar to get at the crab.

There're definitely a few things I should be doing now at work besides mulling over this thought.